The Breeding Ground of Leprosic Angels
Adorned, Ambrosia, Angel, Angelic, Archangel, Banal, Basal, Basalt, Born, Booze, Baptism, Chartreuse, Ephemeral, Encrusted, Erotic, Esoteric, Ethereal, Fastidious, Fulcrum, Gilden, Glittered, Inchoate, Insular, Jellyfish, Jugular, Leper, Leprosic, Limerence, Misanthrope, Monastic, Oil, Opalescent, Ornery, Piety, Pornographic, Sacrilege, Sacrilegious Sarsaparilla, Seraphic, Sordid, Strawberry, Tubercular, Vermillion, Vile, Whale,

Anyone who can love me is the purest kind of angel.